Enterprise Resource Planning

Warehousing, purchasing and inventory management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions are becoming a full requirement for logistics companies and e-commerce providers to control accounts, CRM, manufacturing, sales and warehouse management.

At CRM Management Ltd we create bespoke ERP systems to be very simple, quick and smart using your company structure to develop a solution that fits. Our focus is to deliver the simplest and most effective solution for your business. Our solutions have helped clients to achieve incredible growth and high returns.

Manage vendors, materials, resources and logistics through our powerful and efficient ERP. By planning your ERP system to match your business model, you are able to control all elements of your company from purchase order through to sales invoice.

By including e-commerce, point of sales and warehouse control, the ERP system integrates completely to provide you with a fully-tailored solution for both wholesale and retail.


  • An end to end solution for warehousing, inventory management and order fulfilment
  • A complete office suite to create and manage documents wherever you are
  • Payment portal so your customers can approve estimates and pay invoices
  • Creates picking lists and integrates with hand-held solutions for order fulfilment
  • CRM integration, so you can pass visitor info/enquiries on to your sales team
  • An invoicing system that turns approved quotes or estimates into invoices and sends them to customers. Invoicing can also be based on project timesheets and/or include expenses
  • Real time inventory management and reporting
  • A centralized inventory count that connects with your online store and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay
  • Scalability for your future business growth
  • Alerts and reminders for re-ordering when stock gets low
  • Configurable stock levels and MOQ
  • Bill of materials for manufacturing in-house and stock alerts for low stock based on manufacturing requirements


Increases efficiency – through integration with warehouse solutions for fulfilment, including picking routes to improve ergonomics.

Improves cash flow – by managing the inventory effectively, avoiding unnecessary over-stocks.

Improves profitability – by fast return on ROI through streamlining the organisation, purchasing and manufacturing processes.

Creates business growth – by capturing site visitor data and converting them to leads to be followed up by sales team.

Reduces overhead - by eliminating repetitive tasks and making suggestions based on business patterns.